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Student wellbeing

At Parkes High School, wellbeing is considered to be the degree to which a student is functioning effectively in the school community and maximising their potential.

Wellbeing is a sustainable state of positive mood and attitude, resilience and satisfaction with self, relationships and experiences at school. Well-being is the balance of resources, skills and positive attributes, and challenges faced individually. This includes cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being considered as components of one overall, whole, state of well-being.


Our Wellbeing team:

DP Wellbeing - Ms C Coates

HT Wellbeing - Ms J Welsh


Year 12 Year Advisor - Ms J Welsh

Year 11 Year Advisor - Mr W Murray

Year 10 Year Advisor - Ms T Laing

Year 9 Year Advisor - Mr J Dumas

Year 8 Year Advisor - Ms S McLachlan

Year 7 Year Advisor - Ms H Kemp


Student Support Officer - Mr J Grosvenor

School Chaplain - Mr C Pridham

School Counsellor - Ms E Kelly


Every week we have a whole-school wellbeing focus.