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Our Library is a true multi-purpose space where there may be several actvities occurring simultaneously, all day long. The Library belongs to the  whole school, hosting curriculum classes, extra-curricular activities and events for students, parents and community. It is a place to learn, study, relax, reflect, think and create. 


Ms Natasha Shankelton



Book Riot

DARE to eat pizza in your pyjamas with poltergeists!

This term the English faculty and the Library have worked on developing a new reading program, DARE, to lift our reading skills. NAPLAN data and Minimum Skills testing has shown that we all need to read more, and research tells us that success in life after school is more likely if we read.

DARE is about daring to read, daring to read more, daring to read something different. Students have a reading lesson in the Library one period per cycle. The aim is to read for pleasure, to change to a culture where reading is valued for itself, and its real benefits understood. Reading goals for each student are determined by current reading levels, which we are all aiming to lift together. We have begun with Year 7, and we will work toward refining these goals for individual students next term, extending the program to all students in Years 7-9 over the next year.

Year 7 students who met their reading goals during weeks 5-9 this term were rewarded with a Pyjamas, Pizzas and Poltergeists night in the Library last Thursday. 

With only candles for lighting, students played a ghostly trivia quiz while eating pizza and sat in a storytelling circle to share tales of ghosts. Some students created a creepy tale on the spot, others recounted real-life spooky experiences, and one student had researched and read out historical accounts of ghosts in Parkes.  Our English teachers also told fascinating stories about ghosts they knew! We finished with a classic episode of Around the Twist, The Skeleton on the Dunny.

Congratulations to those students who met their reading goals this term – a supernatural effort!!

As usual the Library is a dynamic place where the things students and staff use it for are always changing. This year we have hosted O Day activities, a senior study information night and parent/teachers interviews, as well as staff and student meetings. Senior study lessons take place in the green section of the Library. At recess and lunch, the Library continues to provide a safe and welcoming place, where students can read, study, play games, knit, watch the news and talk.

LEARNING: The changes we made at the end of last year when we divided non-fiction books into genres and placed them on new face-out display shelves has resulted in a significantly greater interest in non-fiction reading. Borrowing numbers showed an increase of 103% from Term 3, 2018 to Term 4 and then a further 56% increase from Term 4 2018 to Term 1, 2019.   As well, our trusty Shelf Mess Indicator shows that more students are looking at books for leisure.

Our senior study program, 10% on TOP, is supplemented by a website specifically aimed at Years 11 & 12 . It contains study tips as well as podcasts and apps to support students academically and with looking after themselves. Parents are welcome to look at the site and use the resources.

SHARING: Don’t forget, all students can access our eBook collection to borrow, download and read immediately. In an eBook, readers can change the size and colour of fonts and backgrounds to help with reading difficulty. These eBooks can also be shared with the whole family, as there are titles for primary school children and adults.