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Year 9 careers assignment

Careers research project

Year 9 careers assignment 

Choose an occupation that interests you from your Year 9 “Jobs Galore interest test sheet” and present a report using the following information: 

Present a Job Research Report using the following information:

1   Name the selected occupation

2   Describe the type of work and duties that are performed in your selected occupation.

3    Identify information about the pay for this occupation.

4    Discuss the working conditions associated with this occupation.

5    List the subjects that you could study at school, which may be useful for this career.

6    Identify the qualifications are needed for the type of work and describe the various ways that a person might obtain these qualifications.        

7    Analyse are the future prospects for this occupation?  For example, will it exist in 20 years? Is technology likely to make the job redundant?  (Use evidence to support your argument,  For example, statistics to show the growth or the decline of the job. Graphs etc can be found on the websites listed below.)

8   Critically Analyse reasons why this would be an excellent profession to undertake.

Your assignment must be presented on Google Slides including headings, text, pictures, diagrams, graphs and any other relevant information you feel will contribute to your presentation. 

Your answers must address the VERB in each question (see handout - A structure how to write a response in Career Education)

 Bibliography required. (see handout - A structure to write a bibliography in Career Education

Time will be provided during career lessons to collect data and complete the assessment . All assessments must be submitted on Google Classroom.

The following resources should be used  to help you complete your work:

Australian job guide(copies available from library)



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