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Sport at Parkes High School

An important part of the general education is the development of a healthy lifestyle at a young age, so that people will pursue healthy habits as a part of life long interests. Sport plays a major part in such a lifestyle as it brings together the exercising of both mind and body in a way that provides a mixture of challenge, enjoyment and social interaction.

School sport aims to introduce a range of sports so that each person can find one or more sports that suit their personal interests. It aims to build basic skills so that satisfaction and enjoyment can be gained from participation yet provide opportunity for a higher level of challenge through competition.

Sport is a COMPULSORY part of the school curriculum for all Years 7 - 11. Sport requires the same application and commitment that is expected in all other curriculum areas, but the rewards are often more immediate and more obvious.

Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 participate in Integrated School sport. Some sports include:  soccer, volleysquash, futsal, swimming, water polo, badminton and softball.

Integrated sports occurs weekly throughout the timetable but additional activities are provided to allow further opportunities to build up interest and skill such as:

*  Annual Carnivals in Athletics, Swimming & Cross Country

*  Sporting Clubs

*  CHS Knock-out Competitions

*  Inter-House Competitions

*  School support for outside activities eg:  Fun Runs             

*  PHS Learn to Swim lessons   

Wearing the sport uniform is a necessary part of all sporting activities to ensure hygiene, comfort and safety, and in team events to create identity for greater spirit.

All students are expected to attend Sport. Leave will not be granted for Doctors or Dentists appointments, other personal business or even for other school activities unless special circumstances occur with approval given by the Principal. Inability to participate will not normally be sufficient reason to be excused from sport since other duties such as umpiring, scoring, equipment control, etc., may be undertaken at the game.


The school has four sporting houses, Bass, Evans, Oxley and Sturt.  Inter-house competition occurs at the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and Cross Country.  All students are allocated to a house and are expected to attend and to compete. These carnivals are mandatory and students must attend.   It is fantastic for their physical and social wellbeing and developing school spirit.


Ø A note from parents/guardians is required to excuse students from physical education or sport.

Ø Notes regarding sport should be given to the sport coordinator before 9am.

Ø Students who do not participate are not allowed to go home. They are supervised by a teacher at school.

Ø Notes concerning Physical Education should be given to the teacher concerned.  If students are unable to participate in practical Physical Education, they will be given theory instead.


· Cancer is the second biggest killer in Australia and it is vital that your child has a hat to wear outdoors.

· Navy blue SPORT shorts are very important for your child’s safety. To ensure that injuries do not occur students must wear the shorter style sport shorts. They enable increased flexibility and reduce muscle injury when doing vigorous activity.

· It is important that students have appropriate running shoes on in PDHPE/Sport to reduce foot, knee, back and ankle injuries. Shoe laces need to be tight when participating in physical activity.

·  The PDHPE department has very strong views on PDHPE/Sport uniform because we care for the students we teach. Students will not be permitted to participate if they are not in PDHPE/Sport uniform and if this is a regular occurrence they will not have completed enough hours to pass this course.

* If a student is unable to wear complete PDHPE/Sport uniform a note stating why, will be required before the lesson.


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